Una vaca en el pasillo, Javier Villabrille

A cow in the hallway

Javier Villabrille


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“A cow in the hallway”, by Javier Villabrille, explores the problem of suicide in Asturias, Spain. Three people a week take their lives in a small territory with just over a million inhabitants. The statistics are alarming and the population’s concern is increasing.


Through the pages of this work, the author guides us through the landscapes that are witnesses of this tragic reality: remote villages, dizzying cliffs, imposing viaducts… A dramatic journey from the green of the mountains to the blue of the sea, where many people decide to end their lives in relative calm, with no limits on the horizon.


The work, which is manifested from the verticality of its format, drawing a parallel with the leap into the void of many suicides on bridges and cliffs, reveals the connection between the mining crisis, mental health and the landscape, challenging taboos and calling for reflection. “A cow in the hallway” embodies a visual testimony and a call to conscience in the face of this reality that Asturian society faces.

Photographs and text: © Javier Villabrille

Concept and design: Javier Villabrille

Publication coordinator: Rosa Isabel Vázquez

Edition supervised by Rosa Isabel Vázquez

Preprinting: Jose Antonio Fernández

Publisher: Muertedero, 2023

Printed at La Imprenta CG (Spain)

80 pages

Hardcover binding

14x28 cm

Texts in Spanish and English

In collaboration with Factoría Cultural Avilés (Asturias, Spain) 

ISBN: 978-84-127402-2-6