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D-AI, Rojo Sache

We now have on pre-sale D-AI, the latest work by Rojo Sache, the artistic duo formed by Rosa Isabel Vázquez and Jose Antonio Fernández. Discover it!

The media is so influenced by interests and dominant forces that it makes it difficult to distinguish between what is objective and what is manipulated. The emergence of artificial intelligence has only generated even more confusion and bewilderment.

D-AI aims to reflect on this issue and seeks to awaken critical awareness, fostering debate about the information we consume in the era of post-truth and artificial intelligence. It is crucial to question the direction in which this alteration of reality is taking us.

Building upon a previous project by Rojo Sache, “Dai,” which questioned the media exploitation of murders committed in remote areas of civilization, this new work takes the form of a newspaper, compiling different news stories (crimes), where both the texts and the images (variations of the original photographs) have been generated by artificial intelligence. In this way, a new reality is created, one that is more unsettling, blurred, and disturbing.